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Technical Photography, Editing & Quality

Many of our photos incorporate some photo editing. For more than a decade, photoshopping has been a daily part of our production. If editing is required, we are well prepared for the job.
Commercial Digital Images


On occasion, it is a better option to photoshop separate images together to get the image that you need. When those situations arise, CDI can help. We can and often do combine images to give you the desired look for your photo. Please mouse over these images to see some of the photoshopping in action.

To view the progression, mouse over or swipe the above photo.

Industrial & Warehouse Images with Backgrounds Removed

Stacks Image 476

An image of a machine in a shop setting before editing

Stacks Image 478

Same image after we finished editing

We often take high-quality photos in warehouse or shop settings.
As a part of this process, we will edit these photos as much or as little as you would like.
This editing may involve removing backgrounds, adding logos, touching up areas within the photo, and more—
all regular components of our editing technique.
Our customers often use these finished images as marketing pieces,
on their websites, and even as large framed wall pictures to decorate their lobbies.

Vanishing Light Room Illumination

Stacks Image 106

A typical snapshot without our lighting.

Stacks Image 101

A CDI photo & an example of our lighting technique

Whether promoting your business or selling a home, creating great-looking photos is an important step toward making the sale.
Through our proprietary room lighting technique, we create images of beautifully lit rooms with correct color, straight lines, and a clear view to the exterior. Our photos give you that important first step in making a sale. Above is an example of our lighting technique compared to a normal snapshot.

Technical Photography

Periodically the need for precise alignment of a photo or a consistent scale of a group of images is needed. CDI has plenty of experience in this area, and we are able to deliver excellent results.
Stacks Image 329
Stacks Image 330

To view the color changes, mouse over or swipe the above photo.

Color Changes

Sometimes the same product needs to be photographed in different colors. In that kind of situation, it may be a good option to edit the colors instead of photographing the product multiple times. We can do this kind of color editing with excellence.

Detailed Editing

Products often go through revisions in the manufacturing process. Through photo editing, we can produce images that look just like the final product, allowing you to place photos of your product in publications before the item is even in final production.

To view the editing progression, mouse over or swipe the above photo.

Image Quality

Stacks Image 384

Our DSLR camera a Nikon D800

Stacks Image 388

A standard cell phone camera

Stacks Image 386

Digital point and shoot a Nikon P7000

This is a comparison of the quality of three cameras. The first is a Nikon D800, which is the camera we use. The 2nd and 3rd are typical cameras used by many. In the above snapshots, the quality looks about the same, but check out the huge quality differences when areas of these photos are sized for printing or viewed on a good size monitor, as seen in the enlarged areas below.

Nikon D800 1

Our DSLR camera a Nikon D800

Nikon D800 2

Our DSLR camera a Nikon D800

Stacks Image 430

A standard cell phone camera

Stacks Image 446

A standard cell phone camera

Stacks Image 428

Digital point and shoot a Nikon P7000

Stacks Image 444

Digital point and shoot a Nikon P7000

If you are looking for high quality on the web and in printed material, we can help.

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Why choose Commercial Digital Images

1. Quality is our first and foremost concern, both in our photos and in our service to you.

2. We have experience both in photographing complicated and difficult subjects and in photoshop editing to bring you great quality photos.

3. We give fair and honest pricing with a money-back guarantee.

4. Our customer service features quick turnaround on your project and support even after it is completed.

We serve the nation with quality photography from our home base of Muskegon, Michigan, USA, since 2001.
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We specialize in architectural, home, real estate, product, & catalog photography. We look forward to opportunities to work with anyone in need of high quality photos.