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Behind the Camera: Focusing on Panoramic Photography

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Panoramic photos are a great way to capture a scene that just won't fit into the normal lens frame. Our panoramics are photographed in a multi-step process which yields very detailed images that can easily reach hundreds of megabytes. Therefore, these images can easily be displayed as murals with amazing details throughout. Ultimately, panoramic images provide majestic and intriguing views of buildings, scenes, and landscapes—great for lobby prints or cover photos!

Behind the Camera: Focusing on Interior Architectural Photography

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There are times when interiors have views that are vital parts of the rooms! To capture both the details of the room and the beauty of its view from the windows, we utilize our expertise in the use high-powered lights, in addition to advanced post-processing. Whether you need to show off views of Lake Michigan, a wooded area, or some other beautiful scene, we can help.

Behind the Camera: Focusing on Exploded View Photography

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Product photography can get really complicated, but we’re up for the challenge! For example, the above picture is what is known as an “exploded view,” designed to show how the parts of this product should be assembled in the field. Exploded views like this one require a process (and several images) to get the final photo. First, we took individual photos of each of the product’s parts so that they were correctly angled and to scale. Then, in the editing part of the process, we assembled the individual photos in order, showing how to put together the finished product properly. If you need an exploded view of a product, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Behind the Camera: Focusing on Architectural Photography

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When we photograph your building, we often put our whole day into it, showcasing your building through multiple photos.  We arrive early and stay late, taking pictures that are timed to capitalize on the sun’s changing light.  Additionally, we change the camera angles and placement throughout the day, highlighting the sun’s best light, minimizing distractions (such as telephone poles or electrical wires), and emphasizing your building’s strengths.   With each repositioning of the sun and the camera, we capture several of your building’s finest qualities, providing a number of valuable photograph options for you and your business.

Behind the Camera: Focusing on Difficult Photography

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Interior Architectural Photography by Commercial Digital Images
If you have a difficult subject to photograph, we can probably handle it for you. We took this photo in a warehouse that barely contained this machinery.   With this piece being over 40-foot in length and the camera needing to be set up within 10 foot of the machine, we faced a nearly impossible shot. With our arsenal of lenses, we were able to get good results. Give us a try if you have something difficult to be photographed.